photo of Maribel Jimenez



Spanish painter from ‘La Palma Island’ of The Canary Islands  - Spain.


Her fascination with colour has been more than demonstrated throughout her over 30 years of international artistic career having the opportunity to exhibit in different countries and  receiving recognitions while exhibiting her works in galleries in Venezuela, Santo Domingo, United States of America, Australia, United Kingdom, Germany and Spain.


Has been an active member participating in numerous competitions  as well in the most important world art fair in the United States of America -ART EXPO NEW YORK- where paintings were sold to selected private  art collectors  obtaining a lot of success.  


She is an artist of thought and a master through the sensibility that can be found in the array of her pieces, in which she has used different media and techniques, such as pastel, watercolour, oil, and acrylic more recently.


Possesses a loose stroke, very free, but still firm with an impressionist tendency, using vibrant colours that transmit vitality and uplift our spirit.


“Another striking aspect of this painter is the grace of her execution. This gift can only be found only in the true masters. Maribel shows a speed of stroke and an inner security that enable her to hint what she wants us to see in her paintings with the slightest nervous and light touch.” *


We cordially invite you to enjoy art applied to textiles producing exclusive pieces for lovers of art in its more wide expression.


(*) Excerpt of the comment by the famous Spanish painter and art critic, Pablo Sansegundo Castañeda.