Nature, in its incomparable beauty, full of colour and life, environment full of captivating diversity which leave an indelible print in the memory: red and yellow earth, contrasting with the intense blue of the skies; blue and turquoise waters,  combined with the colourful orange and pink flickers of the sunset. An array of vibrant colours that exist in the Artist’s imagination and which are captured for our enjoyment and pleasure.

This is the scenario which has served as inspiration for the painter Maribel Jimenez, creator of collections with different topics, including landscapes, seascapes, and horses – among other animals, still life, human figures, sports motifs and icons of the world. The most outstanding examples can be seen in the ‘Gallery’ section where Originals and copies (upon orders) are sold.


MARIBEL JIMENEZ ART arises from the initiative to transfer such colourful art to the world of textiles, turning each piece into a true ‘Work of Art’ which can be exhibited at any moment. Unique and unrepeatable pieces which encompass a series of products both for men and women, youths and children. Articles which may be combined with each other and with members of your family.


We invite you to enjoy such exclusive products and to become captivated by the colours of our environment, as they are captured by the Artist.