All the clients can place their orders from the Web page: (MARIBEL JIMENEZ ART on-line clothes store).

Once the courier has been selected, the User declares to accept fully and without reservations the entirety of the herein ‘General Conditions’. The information is presented in the English language, and will be confirmed before the on-line payment is made.

The data registered on (MARIBEL JIMENEZ ART on-line clothes store) constitute evidence of the transactions performed. The user will receive a confirmation of the order through an e-mail.

The prices of our products are tax inclusive, the break down will be shown once the order is confirmed. The prices of the items may change at any time without affecting the orders that have already been processed and you have received a confirmation of purchase.

There are no minimum or maximum purchase limits.

The shipping expenses will be added according to the selection made in the purchase summary before the payment is performed. Except for cases where Free Shipping applies. (MARIBEL JIMENEZ ART on-line clothes store) reserves the right to modify its prices at any moment, but the products will be invoiced on the basis of the prices valid at the moment the order is placed (subject to availability of the product), except for typing error.

The products remain the property of MARIBEL JIMENEZ ART until the moment the complete payment of the order has been produced (MARIBEL JIMENEZ ART on-line clothes store) reserves the right to refuse an order by any user which whom it is in litigation.



When placing an order, the User guarantees that he is over 18 years old and that he has the legal capacity to commit. He likewise commits that he will not carry on any activity which would make the operation of the web site difficult or interfere in its operation.

Every User declares it has the full capacity to use credit cards, and that the same have sufficient funds to cover all the expenses arising from the purchase of products through (MARIBEL JIMENEZ ART on-line clothes store).

When the User wants to complete the purchase, he must complete the different fields in the forms necessary to make the order, and / or choose to register in for future purchases.


The registration of the User is optional; you can choose our Express Check-out providing the necessary information to effectively make the purchase. The User may select the option to “register” and provide a user name and a password to create a User account, and thus follow-up on his orders, change his information and other functions proper of registered users.

MARIBEL JIMENEZ ART informs and expressly guarantees to the users that their personal information will not be transferred to third parties in any case, and that in the eventuality that such cession of personal information would be made, an express, informed and unequivocal agreement would be requested in advance from the holders.

The personal information that the User provides at the moment of the order or registration (full name, address, locality, postal code and country, delivery address, land line and cellular telephone numbers, e-mail, password, Identity Card, date of birth as well as any remarks which the User deems necessary at the moment of placing the order), would be incorporated to our data base with the purpose of processing the order and simplifying future purchases on our on-line store.

The order form indicates with an asterisk (*) the mandatory information to be provided by the User. Not answering or answering the mandatory personal information inaccurately will hinder the order or registration process. Questions not marked with the asterisk will be answered voluntarily, and there will be no repercussions for the User during the registration and order process.

All the personal information supplied by the User will be subject to our Data Protection and Privacy Policy. The registered User may access his personal data and the information on all his orders.



All the products offered by the MARIBEL JIMENEZ ART on-line clothes store are available but, if for reasons currently unknown, a product is not available after the on-line payment has been made, the User will be informed of the cancellation through an e-mail or telephone call, returning him the money.

After such request is received, the speed in the return into the bank account will depend on the type of bank card and of the conditions of each banking institution. Said terms are detailed in the clause "RETURNS".

After clicking on "PAY", the User will receive an e-mail informing him of the details corresponding to the purchase order made. Not receiving this message may be due to a transitory Communications problem in the network or a mistake when entering the e-mail address. In both cases, it is advisable to contact us through


An e-mail will be sent after verification.

The User accepts that the articles offered on the online store are subject to limits of existence due to its exclusive nature. If any item were not available one the order is made, the User will be informed of these extremes as soon as possible.  At that point, the User may change the order or cancel it.  MARIBEL JIMENEZ ART reserves the right to modify the items offered on the online store as well as its prices at any moment, without prior notice.



The payments will be made through PAYPAL or Bank transfer.

Online payment through PAYPAL: At the moment of validation of the order, Users who have a PayPal account must enter the e-mail address tied to their PayPal account and their PAYPAL password. This way PAYPAL will encrypt all the date entered by the User when he created his account, so no information, except for the User e-mail, will be communicated to MARIBEL JIMENEZ ART.

All financial and personal date will be encrypted automatically when any sensitive information is sent to the PAYPAL servers. To obtain further information regarding the security of transactions performed between PAYPAL and his banking institution, MARIBEL JIMENEZ ART invites the User to contact PAYPAL directly.

In case of return of the product, the reimbursement will be made through the PAYPAL account with the same manner of payment as the order.

Payment through bank transfer: In this manner of payment, the order is sent once the bank transfer into the account mentioned in the system at the moment of placing the order is received.

In case of return of the payment, the reimbursement will be made into the bank account supplied by the client.



The products will be shipped from our warehouse to the address supplied by the client for final destination during the purchase process.

Transportation costs will be charged to the client according to his courier selection. Except for cases where Free Shipping applies.

Deliveries are made only on weekdays from Monday to Friday.

The final purchase order includes delivery charges and VAT. In the case of countries subject to delays and customs charges these will be borne by the customer and must be paid upon receipt of package.


Delivery times are as follows:

STANDARD SHIPPING *** (Maximum of 2 Kg)

-Australia: 3-5 working days

-Asia & Africa: 10 working days

-Europe: 10-15 working days

-United States of America, Canada, Centre & South America: 15-20 working days


(***) The User agrees to notify MARIBEL JIMENEZ ART cases of non-receipt of orders in australian territory exceeding five (05) days or twenty (20) days (depending on shipping destination) business to tell since it would have sent the notification of shipment of the order.


MARIBEL JIMENEZ ART guarantees that it will make its best effort so the shipping service is made in the least amount of time possible. Once the order has shipped, and notice will be e-mailed to the User with said information.

The orders will be shipped to the delivery address supplied by the User, so it is important that the User verifies there are no mistakes in it. MARIBEL JIMENEZ ART will not be responsible in case the delivery address is incorrect or incomplete, so any additional expenses caused will be the responsibility of the client.

For security reasons, MARIBEL JIMENEZ ART will not ship any orders to P. O. Boxes, nor accept any order when it is not possible to identify the recipient of the order and his address.

The responsibility on the items will be transferred to the User as soon as the delivery of the order is made, and each delivery is deemed complete as soon as the product is made available to the client by the transporter, evidenced by the latter’s control system.

Once the order is delivered to the User, he must verify that everything is as ordered. If there were a discrepancy or problem with the order, he must inform MARIBEL JIMENEZ ART through the e-mail within a maximum period of forty eight (48) hours counted from the receipt of the order, specifying his personal data and the order number, explaining the discrepancy or problem. MARIBEL JIMENEZ ART will contact you as soon as possible to resolve the incident.



All the products sold must be returned within a period of fourteen (14) working days counted from the date of delivery, pursuant the provisions of the Spanish Retail Trade Law.

The User must previously indicate his intention through an e-mail to (MARIBEL JIMENEZ ART on-line clothes store) which will be answered through another e-mail specifying the detailed instructions for the return of the item.

Return shipping costs are borne by the Client.

For reasons of hygiene, bathing suits can not be returned under any circumstances.

If the conditions foreseen in the herein section are respected with regards to periods, communications and, in this case, conditions of the items, the amount of the order will be reimbursed to the User within a period of 14 working days.

The products must necessarily be returned with the adequate protection, in their original packaging, in perfect conditions (not damaged or soiled by the client) with all the accessories, instructions and documents.

The will be shipped to the address specified by (MARIBEL JIMENEZ ART on-line clothes store) following the precise instructions for the return of the product previously sent through an e-mail.

The costs of returning the product will be paid by the Client. MARIBEL JIMENEZ ART will give you precise instructions for shipping so that the returned goods arrive in perfect condition.

The return of the products will result in a refund equal to the purchase price of the item / s returned / s. You will be notified in writing via email when the refund has been made into your account.


Post sale guarantees and services will be ruled by the Legislative Royal Decree number 1/2007 of November 16 approving the text of the General Law for the Defense of Consumers and Users.

Pursuant this regulation, the seller is obliged to deliver to the consumer and user, products in agreement with the contract, and respond to him for any lack of conformity.

The consumer and the User have the right to have the product repaired, or replaced, to a reduction in the price or to the resolution of the contract. (MARIBEL JIMENEZ ART on-line clothes store) may not be considered responsible of noncompliance with the contract celebrated in case of rupture of stock or unavailability of the product, force majeure, disturbances or total or partial strike, in particular, of the postal services and means of transportation / communications, flood or fire. In case of litigation, he must go to (MARIBEL JIMENEZ ART on-line clothes store) to obtain a friendly solution.


AMENDMENT TO THE GENERAL CONDITIONS (MARIBEL JIMENEZ ART on-line clothes store) reserves the right to amend the general sales conditions without prior notice, and may also change, eliminate or add both the contents and services rendered through it as well as the manner on which these seem presented or placed in its servers.

Such changes must be accepted by the User every time he makes an effective purchase through the page

In the alleged case that any of the general terms and conditions be unlawful or unenforceable, it will be voided in full right and the agreement between the parties, or in its defect, the stipulations of the Spanish Civil Code will be applied.