About Me

I was born in Spain, in the Canary Island of 'La Palma’. I have lived in several countries which have greatly enriched my art and imagination. Since childhood I have had a natural attraction for painting, I always found fascinating to contemplate nature, especially sunsets and their reflection on the sea in contrast with the boats and the surrounding environment. Once, I heard my mother say that when I was 5 years old, she asked me what I was doing -while standing in front of the ocean- she told me I answered: ‘watching the seascape’. At that time I did not understand why my response caused such a sensation among the family, but I was certainly sure that one day I would paint such beauty.

Several years passed after that, and then I finally started putting on canvas all that was compressed in my memory. Back to 35 years ago, I knew I had to acquire techniques, and participated in workshops with renowned painters in Venezuela, such as Goncharenko, Enrique Gonzalez, Ramon Chirinos, Trina Reina de Ferrer and others. I specially remember Stockhaussen, a deceased painter of German origin whom with his discipline taught me perspective and transmitted me his wide experience. Pilar Vazquez Aranda, considered ‘America’s Specialist in Pastels’, also come to my mind; her comments towards my works were always meaningful. She used to tell me that I had a special talent, and that I had achieved something she never had, the likeness in my pastel portraits. This is why I dared specialized in this art, considering that she did not copy absolute reality, but had impressionist tendencies that made her pieces very artistic. I took her advice so this was my speciality for many years having a good acceptance among private clients and many times among entire families.

I must make a special mention to my latest professor, Trina Reina de Ferrer, who inspired me to participate in the most important Painting Art Gallery at national level in Venezuela, the Armando Reveron Hall, named after the celebrated painter, in which one of my paintings received an award. I also thank Trina for helping me to improve my technique. At that time she just arrived from France with a totally new style, very light and fresh, which I still admire. From her I learned to respect the combination of colours, to achieve a clean and transparent finish in oil (similar to watercolours), not forgetting light, because it remains primordial for me, as playing with shadows I provide it with the strength I wish to express in my work. I use the same technique in my pastel portraits, making an effort to transmit not only a likeness but also the personality, having the acceptance and recommendation of my clients which makes me very grateful to our Creator for giving me this wonderful gift.