A painter of land

Pastel is the art technique that has always fascinated to the painter Maribel Jimenez. At school age started using it, then uses it to paint portraits of his family and close friends. Intuition and visual analysis guide her work as a portraitist, at that time, compared to reason, does not follow a defined and particular technique. Her goal was to work very clean, using transparent colours to capture the facial features of the characters. All this is done though she never had a teacher guide in this pictorial genre. At that moment her dedication to painting was complete and made it her expression.

Although her portraits are very popular, Maribel wanted to cover other motifs.

In search of greater perfection attended the courses that in several times in Barquisimeto dictated the well known painter Pilar Aranda, recognized in the country for the quality of the works done with pastels. During these short courses, Maribel made her special interest in landscapes and simultaneously opens the prospect of working with oil or even other techniques. Then decided to attend to the workshops of Painter Trina Reina de Ferrer; there begins a more comprehensive formation, with a better consideration of solid matter and pictorial media training.

Now she works the painting taking into account the composition elements, such as the expressive value of the line in space. Her learning is rapid and continuous, in just a few months she produces a work of great quality and shows, her skills with the oil technique.

Today, Maribel Jimenez is being defined as a painter of land. Her motifs are many (seascapes, landscapes and streets) and in all of them she gives a treatment of light and colour according to the area that corresponds to and has the sharpness to take the canvas without betraying the contour, customizing atmospheric elements and avoiding making a simple copy of reality, to set up a very successful personal style.


Source: Art Fortnightly. Year XIII No. 84.

Director-Editor: Teodoro Perez Peralta.

Caracas - Venezuela. September 1984