A painter of land

Pastel is the art technique that has always fascinated to the painter Maribel Jimenez. At school age started using it, then uses it to paint portraits of his family and close friends. Intuition and visual analysis guide her work as a portraitist, at that time, compared to reason, does not follow a defined and particular technique. Her goal was to work very clean, using transparent colours to capture the facial features of the characters. All this is done though she never had a teacher guide in this pictorial genre. At that moment her dedication to painting was complete and made it her expression. ...leer más

3rd Fashion Parade on Benalmadena

The second night of the Fashion Show at Benalmadena registered a new record of participation - Friday May 23rd, 2014 Edition. It has been a pleasure having MJart models parading under representation of the Fashion & Accessories Shop ' Absentha ' where we have a selection of exclusive items. More than 600 people gathered in Pueblosol Square were given the latest trends and designs in the local fashion ; garments and accessories related to fashion houses such as Mimitos , Noa, Depende, Imalu , Absentha and Butterfly. The event , organized by the Delegation of Commerce , in collaboration and involvement of various fashion stores of the town, and with the sponsorship of Laser 2000 , closed with significant success of organization and participation. ...leer más

About Me

I was born in Spain, in the Canary Island of 'La Palma’. I have lived in several countries which have greatly enriched my art and imagination. Since childhood I have had a natural attraction for painting, I always found fascinating to contemplate nature, especially sunsets and their reflection on the sea in contrast with the boats and the surrounding environment. Once, I heard my mother say that when I was 5 years old, she asked me what I was doing -while standing in front of the ocean- she told me I answered: ‘watching the seascape’. At that time I did not understand why my response caused such a sensation among the family, but I was certainly sure that one day I would paint such beauty. Several years passed after that, and then I finally started putting on canvas all that was compressed in my memory. ...leer más